Gerald Cook

Former Graduate Students

Vijay Kadakkal, PhD student, course work completed, Technical Qualifying Exam and Research Qualifying Exam completed.

Shwetha Jakkidi, Ultrasound Material Characterization of Complex Matrix Material and Mitigation of Noise Using Signal Processing Techniques, PhD George Mason University, Fall 2015

Suraj Ravichandra, Comparison of Different Kalman Filters for Application to Mobile Robots. MS George Mason University, 2014

John Gornowich, Tracking Control for a Formation of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, MS, George Mason University, 2010

Vijay Kadakkal,Comparison of Lane-Tracking Controllers for a Wheeled Robot, MS, George Mason University, 2007

Smriti Kansal, Modeling Uneven Terrain for Geo-location of Landmines Detected via Vehicular Mounted Sensors, MS, George Mason University,2004

Shwetha Jakkidi, Landmine Geo-Location: Dynamic Modeling, Data Association and Target Tracking, MS, George Mason University, 2002

Ashley Stroupe, Modified Potential Field Robot Navigation in Unknown, Unstructured Environments, MS, George Mason University, 1998

Henry Bowers, Uniting Model-based and Model-less Methods for Robotic Manipulator Direction Control, MS, George Mason University, 1998

Y. S. Lin, Automobile Steering Autopilot with Lane Change Ability at Variable Speed, MS, George Mason University, 1995

Tshing Tshingambo, Network Optimization with Application to Vehicular Routing, MS, George Mason University, 1994

Rejina Araujo, Comparison of Two Adaptive Control Methods for Robotic Applications, MS, George Mason University, 1993

Zhou Lei, Minimum-Joint-Motion Redundant Robot Path Planning in the Presence of Obstacle, MS, George Mason University, 1989

Foad Alvandi, Comparison of Linear and Nonlinear Models for Aircraft Tracking , MS, George Mason University, 1987

Subhra Pal, Near-Optimal Control of a Single link Flexible Manipulator, MS, George Mason University, 1987

Francisco Javier Arteaga-Bravo, Computer-Aided Digital Control Design Using Time-Domain Specifications, MS, Vanderbilt University, 1985

Ken Yen, Real-Time Digital Simulation of Dynamic Systems Using Parallelism, PhD, Vanderbilt University, 1985

Robert Chang, Optimal Aircraft Landing Patterns for Minimal Noise Impact, PhD, University of Virginia, 1981

Michael Price, System Parameter Estimation Using a Luenberger Observer, PhD, University of Virginia, 1977

Guy Beale, Optimal Aircraft Simulator Development by Adaptive Random Search Optimization, PhD, University of Virginia, 1977

Richard M. Witt, Software Development for a Boeing 737 Optimal Landing Trajectory Program, MS, University of Virginia, 1976

Stewart Rose, An Implementation of Least Squares Identification of Unknown Process Parameters, MS, University of Virginia, 1975

Atalay Barkana, Feature Tracking in Map-Making Utilizing Computer Control, PhD, University of Virginia, 1973

Andreas Wernli, A Suboptimal Control Law for the Nonlinear Quadratic Control Problem, PhD, University of Virginia, 1972

Orville J. Oakes, Piecewise Linearization of Nonlinear Control Systems, MS, University of Virginia, 1972

Rajesh Motwani, Automatic Control of Humidity and Temperature in Anesthesia Gases, MS, University of Virginia, 1972

Atalay Barkana, Relay Equivalent Semiconductor Devices, MS, University of Virginia, 1971

Frederick Y. Thomasson, Determination of Optimal and Suboptimal Control Strategies for a Jet Transport, PhD, University of Virginia, 1970

Robert R. White, Suboptimal Control of Nonlinear Systems via Piecewise Linear Modeling, PhD, University of Virginia, 1970

Billy G. Eads, Design and Application of a Time-Optimum Controller for a Class of Nonlinear Systems, MS, University of Virginia, 1970

Parker M. Tabor, Speed and Voltage Controls for High-Power M-G Set, MS, University of Virginia, 1970