Janos Gertler


Janos Gertler was educated in Hungary. He received the Diploma Engineer degree, in Electrical Engineering, from the Budapest Technical University and the Candidate of Science (Ph.D.) and Doctor of Science degrees, both in Control Engineering, from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He held positions at research institutes and at the Technical University and, for ten years, he served as Vice Director of the Institute for Computing and Automation, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto and a Visiting Professor at Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1984-85, he served as Associate Dean of Engineering at the New York Polytechnic University. Since 1985, he has been a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at George Mason University, in Fairfax, VA.

The focus of Dr. Gertler's research has been the computer control of technical processes. He was doing work in the programming aspects of real-time control and in systems identification. For the past 20 years, he has been concentrating on fault detection and diagnosis in engineering systems. He is the author or co-author of more than 160 publications, including a single-authored book on fault detection and diagnosis . He has been a plenary speaker at a number of international conferences . For several years, he worked with General Motors on the development of advanced on-board diagnosis for automobile engines.

Dr. Gertler has been an officer of IFAC (the International Federation of Automatic Control) for the past 30 years where he held a number of leadership positions. For 10 years, he served as the Editor in Chief of the IFAC Conference Proceedings Series. Presently, he is the Editor of the IFAC Journal Annual Reviews in Control.

Professor Gertler is a Fellow of the IEEE, a Foreign Member of the Hungarian National Academy of Sciences and a Fellow and an Advisor of IFAC.