Kathleen E. Wage

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Volgenau School of Engineering
George Mason University


Dr. Wage teaches signals and systems and signal processing courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. She is interested in pedagogical approaches, such as active and cooperative learning, that enhance student understanding. In addition to teaching, Dr. Wage developed a widely-used assessment tool for signals and systems. See the Signals and Systems Concept Inventory website for more details.

Tutorial Videos:

Course Materials:

ECE 201: Introduction to Signal Analysis
Fall 2014  

ECE 220: Signals and Systems I
Spring 2014   Spring 2008   Spring 2007   Fall 2006  

ECE 320: Signals and Systems II
Fall 2012   Fall 2011   Fall 2008   Fall 2002   Spring 2002   Fall 2000  

ECE 410: Introduction to Signal Processing
Spring 2013   Fall 2005   Fall 2004   Fall 2003   Fall 2001  

ECE 535: Digital Signal Processing
Spring 2004   Spring 2003   Spring 2001   Spring 2000   Fall 1999  

ECE 738: Advanced Digital Signal Processing
Spring 2015   Spring 2012   Fall 2007   Spring 2006  

ECE 754: Optimum Array Processing I
Fall 2013   Fall 2010   Spring 2009