Qiliang Li

MS and PhD Thesis


Author Title MS/PhD Program Defense Date
Asha Rani "Simulation of Nanowire FLASH memory with HfO2 Charge Trapping Layers" M. S. April 2010
Xiaoxiao Zhu "Silicon Nanowire MOSFETs and Applications to Non-Volatile Memory" Ph. D. December 2010
Faisal Khan "Approach towards Nanostructure based dyesensitive solar cells" M. S. August 2011
Eric Nallon "Electrically Excited Polymers for Explosives Detection" M. S. April 2012
Sara Robinson "Performance Enhancement and Protection ofMicrostrip Patch Antennas by Using PDMS Capping Layer" M. S. April 2012
Hao Zhu "Novel Non-volatile Memory and Topological Insulator Field-effect Transistors" Ph. D. December 2013
Deepak Sharma "Electronic Transport and Low Frequency Noise Characterization in Si Nanowire and 2-dimensional MoS2 based Field-effect Transistors" Ph. D. May 2014
Hui Yuan "Metal Contacts On Low-Dimensional Materials" Ph. D. December 2014
Kwesi Eshun "Two-Dimensional Materials: Doping-Induced Variation, Heterojunction FETs and Hybrid Multilayers" M. S. December 2014