Qiliang Li

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Virginia Microelectronics Consortium Professor

4400 University Dr., MS 1G5

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 22030


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10 recent manuscripts:  

Doping induces large variation in the electrical properties of MoS2 monolayers K Eshun, HD Xiong, S Yu, Q Li Solid-State Electronics 106, 44-49 (2015)

Influence of Metal-MoS2 Interface on MoS2 Transistors Performance: A Comparison of Ag and Ti Contacts H Yuan, G Cheng, L You, H Li, H Zhu, W Li, JJ Kopanski, Y Obeng, ... ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7, 1180-1187 (2015)

Polarization of Bi2Te3 thin film in a floating-gate capacitor structure H Yuan, K Zhang, H Li, H Zhu, JE Bonevich, H Baumgart, CA Richter, Q Li Applied Physics Letter 105 (23), 233505 (2014)

Phase transition, effective mass and carrier mobility of MoS2 monolayer under tensile strain S Yu, HD Xiong, K Eshun, H Yuan, Q Li Applied Surface Science 325, 27 (2014)

Gate assisted Kelvin test structure to measure the electron and hole flows at the same nanowire contacts H Yuan, A Badwan, CA Richter, H Zhu, O Kirillov, DE Ioannou, Q Li Applied Physics Letters 105 (13), 133513 (2014)

SnTe field effect transistors and the anomalous electrical response of structural phase transition H Li, H Zhu, H Yuan, L You, CA Richter, JJ Kopanski, E Zhao, Q Li Applied Physics Letters 105 (1), 013503 (2014)

Discrete charge states in nanowire flash memory with multiple Ta2O5 charge-trapping stacks H Zhu, JE Bonevich, H Li, CA Richter, H Yuan, O Kirillov, Q Li Applied Physics Letters 104 (23), 233504 (2014)

Electrical transport and low-frequency noise in chemical vapor deposited single-layer MoS2 devices D Sharma, M Amani, A Motayed, PB Shah, AG Birdwell, S Najmaei, ... Nanotechnology 25 (15), 155702 (2014)

Self-assembled nanowire array capacitors: capacitance and interface state profile Q Li, HD Xiong, X Liang, X Zhu, D Gu, DE Ioannou, H Baumgart, ... Nanotechnology 25 (13), 135201 (2014)

Detection of Deep-Levels in Doped Silicon Nanowires Using Low-Frequency Noise Spectroscopy D Sharma, A Motayed, S Krylyuk, Q Li, AV Davydov Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on 60 (12), 4206-4212 (2013)


My Patents

  1. "High temperature attachment of organic molecules to substrates" US patent 7223628, issued in 2007
  2. "Nanowire Field Effect Junction Diode" US patent 7989800, issued in August 2011
  3. "SOI Field-Effect-Thyristor-Memory Cell" Application Number # 61/421,891 filed in 2013
  4. "Topological Insulator Nanowire FETs and Magnetic Sensors" application # 61/736,743, filed in Dec. 2013