Rao V. Mulpuri

Ph.D. Theses Completed

  1. Name of the student: Sadanand M. Gulwadi
    Title of the Thesis: Transition metal Implants in In0.53Ga0.47As.
    Completion date: September 1992.

  2. Name of the student: Ravi K. Nadella
    Title of the Thesis: High energy implants in InP.
    Completion date: June 1993.

  3. Name of the student: Jayadev Vellanki
    Title of the Thesis: High energy ion implantation for microwave device applications.
    Completion date: December 1995.

  4. Name of the Student: Andrew Edwards
    Title of the Thesis: Processing Development and Characterization of GaN Field Effect Transistors.
    Completion Date: June 1998.

  5. Name of the Student: Jason Gardner
    Title of the Thesis: Ion implantation doping of SiC.
    Completion Date: June 1998.

  6. Name of the student: Jesse Tucker
    Title of the Thesis: Fabrication and characterization of fully implanted SiC n-p junction diode and Metal-Semiconductor Field-Effect-Transistors (MESFET).
    Completion Date: May 2001

  7. Name of the student: Souvick Mitra
    Tile of the Thesis: Effect of ion-implantation generated defects on the characteristics of SiC devices.
    Completion Date: December 2003.

  8. Name of the student: Siddarth Sundaresan
    Title of the Thesis: Ultra-fast, high temperature microwave processing of silicon carbide and gallium nitride
    Completion Date: September 2007.

  9. Name of Student: Jayna Shah
    Title of Thesis: Microfluidic devices for forensic DNA analysis
    Completion Date: October 2007.

  10. Name of Student: Taizo Okayama
    Title of Thesis: Performance of devices made of large bandgap semiconductors, SiC and GaN
    Completion Date: November 2007.

  11. Name of Student: Madhu Gowda
    Title of Thesis: Optical characterization of widebandgap bulk crystals and epitaxial layers
    Completion date: October 2008.

  12. Name of Student: N. Mahadik (full-time Ph. D. student supported as a GRA)
    Title of Thesis: Non-destructive x-ray characterization of semiconductor materials and devices.
    Completion date: December 2008.

All the above were full-time students supported as GRAs

Ph. D. Theses in Progress:

  1. Name of Student: Stuart Farrel (full-time Ph.D. student supported as a GRA)
    Title of Thesis: Fabrication and characterization of CdHgTe focal plane arrays on Si substrates.

  2. Name of Student: Geetha Sai Aluri (full-time Ph.D. student supported as a GRA)
    Title of Thesis: Effect of microwave annealing on in-situ and ion-implantation doped III-nitrides.

M.S. Theses Completed:

  1. "An electrical characterization of Si and Be implanted InP:Fe activated by halogen lamp rapid thermal annealing," by Micheal P. Keating, 1988.

  2. "Fe implantation in In0.53Ga0.47As," by Navid R. Keshavarz Nia, 1988.

  3. "Implantations in GaAs grown on Si," by R. S. Babu, 1989.

  4. "Be/P, Be/Ar, and Be/N co implantations into InP," by Ravi K. Nadella, 1989.

  5. "Ion implantations in InSb grown on GaAs," by Richard E. Echard, 1990.

  6. "Elevated temperature N implantation into 6H-SiC", by Jason Gardner, 1995.

  7. "Nitrogen and aluminum implantation in vanadium doped high resistivity 6H-silicon carbide", by D. N. Dwight, 1997.

  8. "As and Sb implantations in SiC", by Jesse Tucker, 1998.

  9. "Pumped optical fiber amplifier", by Wallace Johnson, 1998.

  10. "Ion-implantation doping of GaSb", by Thang Do, 1999.

  11. "AlN encapsulant for annealing ion-implanted SiC", by Evan Handy, 2000.

  12. "Microwave dielectric heating of micro-fluids", by Siddarth Sundaresan, 2004.

  13. "Immobilization of biological matter using transparent metal electrodes and silicon
    microarrays", by Bharat Sankaran, 2007.

Ten of the above students were supported by the research funding

Training a Graduate Student of a Foreign University:

Jaime M. Martin, a Ph.D. student of Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain visited our laboratory during September `92 to December `92 to get training in `ion implantation and characterization of ion implanted semiconductor materials'. His trip and living expenses were paid by the Government of Spain.