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Department Highlights

Senior Design Award Fall 2014 Winner

The Apparatus for Remote Control of Humanoid Robots (ARCHR) is an intuitive teleoperation system for high degree of freedom robots with haptic feedback. The purpose of this system is to allow minimally trained individuals to control a complex robot to complete a dextrous task.

Pump Up the Bass To Douse a Blaze: Mason Students Invention Fights Fires

Mason students Viet Tran and Seth Robertson create a portable fire extinguishing system that fights fires through the use of low frequency sound waves. Effectively creating an alternative solution to current firefighting methods that are typically associated with hazardous... View More...

Senior Design Award Spring 2014 Winner

The purpose of the Audio-Visual Active Locator (AVAL) is to be a platform independent and affordable tabletop device for the terminal of a videoconferencing system. The Audio-Visual Active Locator meets this task by taking audio input from a microphone phased array that is used to locate the speaker’s position. The position... View More...

Recovering Evidence from Damaged Optical Media

Images of CDs and DVDs generated by Digital Laser Microscopy (DLM) (see image) can be used to recover data from damaged media. Jim Jones and his team are able to image factory pressed as well as home-burned CDs and DVDs and recover the data under a variety of... View More...

Protecting Secrets Stored on FPGAs

Implementations of mathematically secure cryptographic algorithms leak information through side channels during run time. Professor Jens-Peter Kaps and his students from the Cryptographic Engineering Research Group (CERG) are investigating new innovative methods to protect secrets stored on FPGAs.

Locating and Tracking Underwater Objects

Professor Jill Nelson's research group focuses on solving detection and estimation problems in the fields of signal processing and communications. One of the group's recent projects focuses on using sonar measurements to locate and track underwater objects.

Listening to the Ocean

Professor Kathleen Wage's research group focuses on problems that require a synthesis of array processing, acoustics, and oceanography. Their latest work involves a year-long experiment in the Philippine Sea. The plot shows the spatial spectrum of ambient noise recorded by the PhilSea vertical line... View More...

New Ways of Imaging the Human Body

Professor Siddhartha Sikdar's Biomedical Imaging Lab focuses on the investigation of new diagnostic ultrasound imaging techniques and applications and their translation from lab experiments into practical solutions that can be used in a clinical setting.

Senior Design Projects

The senior advanced design project is the capstone project of the undergraduate degree. Students work in groups on conceiving, designing, and implementing a hardware project or hardware-related software project, considering all aspects of an engineering project, non-technical as well as technical. It culminates in a public presentation and a written report.

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