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Senior Design Award Fall 2017 Winner

Senior Design Award Fall 2017 Winner

The Controller Area Network (CAN), which is a part of a vehicle system, allows the communication between the Electronic Control Units (ECU). These vehicle networks are faced with complete lack of protection against cyber-attacks. In this project, we propose an identification method using signal characteristics of ECUs to create a “... View More...

Senior Design Award Spring 2018 Winner

Senior Design Award Spring 2018 Winner

The recent development of nylon-based artificial muscles has generated a new wave of research into biologically inspired robotics. This project aims to demonstrate the potential of these artificial muscles for recreating the precise movements of the human eye. The proposed system features a pair of eye robotics actuated by super-... View More...

Jefferson deleted image file decay

Digital decay

Digital forensic investigators recover data from various media and devices, then use those recovered artifacts to infer past user or system activity. Investigators sometimes recover whole, intact artifacts, but often critical evidence is only in the form of partial files or residual fragments from deleted content. In these cases, investigators must attempt to infer what whole... View More...

Cyber Academy

DFCA-led Cyber Academy

July is known for baseball, soccer, trips to the beach, and now the Digital Forensics and Cyber Analysis (DFCA) led Cyber Academy. For an entire week, rising high school juniors and seniors were exposed to what it would be like to be on the front lines of cyber defense. The event, hosted at ManTech’s training facility in Herndon, Virginia, started with three days... View More...

Electronic Noses

Electronic Noses

An electronic nose (e-nose) is a biologically inspired device designed to mimic the operation of the olfactory system. The e-nose utilizes a chemical sensor array consisting of broadly responsive vapor sensors, whose combined response produces a unique pattern for a given compound or mixture. Eric Nallon, a recent graduate of the PhD program offered by the Electrical and... View More...

Pump Up the Bass To Douse a Blaze: Mason Students Invention Fights Fires

Mason students Viet Tran and Seth Robertson create a portable fire extinguishing system that fights fires through the use of low frequency sound waves. Effectively creating an alternative solution to current firefighting methods that are typically associated with hazardous... View More...

Listening to the Ocean

Professor Kathleen Wage's research group focuses on problems that require a synthesis of array processing, acoustics, and oceanography. Their latest work involves a year-long experiment in the Philippine Sea. The plot shows the spatial spectrum of ambient noise recorded by the PhilSea vertical line... View More...

Senior Design Projects

The senior advanced design project is the capstone project of the undergraduate degree. Students work in groups on conceiving, designing, and implementing a hardware project or hardware-related software project, considering all aspects of an engineering project, non-technical as well as technical. It culminates in a public presentation and a written report.

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