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Design Projects

Design projects are an integral component of our undergraduate programs. They are part of several required and elective undergraduate courses, starting as early as the freshman year. These projects prepare our students for the culminating team-based design experience during their senior year.

Senior Design Projects

Our students produce designs that are ultimately built in hardware in our senior design lab. Many of our projects also have a significant software aspect to them as well as being multidisciplinary in nature. Our students work with bioengineers, cybersecurity engineers, mechanical engineers, and others to come up with innovative designs to solve challenging problems.

Each semester, we select the winner of the outstanding senior design project award. We encourage you to browse through some of our latest list of projects and award recipients:

Spring 2020-Winner

Satellite Communications Ground StationECE/VSE Satellite Communications Ground Station

William Barnhart, Jamil Al Kallas, and Dominic Nguyen

Project Advisor: Dr. P. Pachowicz



Fall 2019-Winner

Parametric Audio ControllerParametric Audio Controller (PAC)

Chris Carlson, Taylor Delawter Reuter, Thao Tran, Huy Vo, and Zachary Yarashus

Project Advisors: Dr. J. Jones and Dr. J. Nelson



Spring 2019-Winner

Hardware Acceleration of a Software Defined Radio Using an FPGA

Joseph Coffin, Thai Huynh, Pedro de Jesus, Alex Maxseiner, Lance Strain, and Nguyen Vo
Project Advisors: Dr. Brian Mark and Dr. Peter Paris

Short Report


2018 and Earlier

List of Awarded Senior Advanced Design Projects is listed here

For more information contact Peter Pachowicz, ECE Department Senior Design Project coordinator

Club Projects

Members of student organizations are also actively involved in interesting projects. Students who want to get involved are encouraged to participate in one or more of these clubs.

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