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Antares rocket
Satellite Created by Senior Design Students Launched into Space

ECE senior design students worked on the design and creation of a thinsat that was launched into space.

Design projects are an integral component of our undergraduate programs. They are part of several required and elective undergraduate courses, starting as early as the freshman year. These projects prepare our students for the culminating team-based design experience during their senior year.

Senior Design Projects

Our students produce designs that are ultimately built in hardware in our senior design lab. Many of our projects also have a significant software aspect to them as well as being multidisciplinary in nature. Our students work with bioengineers, cybersecurity engineers, mechanical engineers, and others to come up with innovative designs to solve challenging problems.

Each semester, we select the winner of the outstanding senior design project award. We encourage you to browse through some of our latest list of projects and award recipients:

Spring 2024 - Winner

Open-Source Self-Powered Intelligent Security Camera System

Spring 2024 Winner


Anhton Nguyen, Alex Luong, Brandi Bui, Chris Hung, Elaine Ngo,
Johnny Le

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Tolga Soyata

Fall 2023 - Winner

Self-Balancing Path-tracking Robot for Item Delivery

Fall 2023 Winner


Kabir Basnet, Huy Luu, Makaela Vidal (PM), Namita Palahalli, Lizzie Krebs, Richard Kang

Project Supervisor: Dr. Xuan Wang

Spring 2023 - Winner

Low SWaP Synthetic Aperture Radar System



Elise Treat, Grace Gaudin, Isaac Lunsford, Mazeyar Amiri, Adrian Lange, Sami Zahreddine

Project Supervisor: Dr. Qiliang Li

Fall 2022 - Winner

NES Handheld Emulation Breakout Board for the BASYS-3

NES Handheld Emulation Breakout Board for the BASYS-3

Brooks Corbett, Amilcar Paniagua, Sameul Kebadu, Joshua Riggs

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Jens-Peter Kaps

Spring 2022 and Earlier

List of Awarded Senior Advanced Design Projects is listed here

For more information, or to sponsor a senior design project, contact Peter Pachowicz, ECE Department Senior Design Project coordinator

Class Projects

A significant part of the undergraduate student experience is to design and build an assortment of smaller electronic projects throughout the curriculum. Our electrical and computer engineering students work on these smaller-scale projects as part of several courses in our programs leading up to the culminating senior design project. We invite you to check out samples of these projects presented in our ECE 285 circuit analysis I showcase event. 

Club Projects

Members of student organizations are also actively involved in interesting projects. ECE students who want to get involved are encouraged to participate in one or more of these clubs. Participating in these clubs opens up many opportunities to learn together and connect with peers who have the same interests.