Listening to the Ocean

Professor Kathleen Wage's research group focuses on problems that require a synthesis of array processing, acoustics, and oceanography. Their latest work involves a year-long experiment in the Philippine Sea.

The PhilSea experiment involved researchers from a large number of other institutions, including Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Naval Postgraduate School, the University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory, and the University of Hawaii. The group at Mason is focusing on analyzing data from the 5 km long vertical line array. For a glimpse of what an oceanographic experiment is like, check out Professor Wage's blog.

The plot at the right shows the spatial spectrum of ambient noise recorded by the PhilSea vertical line array.

Additional information on this and other ocean signal processing projects at Mason can be found on the Ocean Acoustic Signal Processing Group website.