Senior Design Award Spring 2012 Winner


Team members: Jay Elliott, Pavel Liudvih, Scott Pierce, and David Shaffer

Faculty Supervisor: Prof. Michael Young

GORT (GeoMobile Omni-directional Robotic Teleprescence) is a user controlled robot that allows the user full interaction with its surrounding environment. GORT incorporates custom two-way audio and video telepresence software, advanced microcontroller acceleration, braking and safety controls of a three wheel omni-directional base, and an on/off user controlled video screen which shows the face of the user. Unlike the current set-up of a conference call, GORT allows the user to navigate through his/her environment with omni-directional wheels mounted on a triangular base.

There are a total of three cameras on board so that the user can see obstacles behind, below, and in front of GORT. The forward facing front camera mounted above the video screen allows the user to drive GORT remotely and interact with people in the GORT environment. The communication between GORT and the user needs to be uninterrupted. An isolated network has been established on the GMU campus to verify the advantages of bandwidth and continued connection on a 900MHz network.