Graduate Certificates

The ECE Department is offering 9 graduate certificate programs for professionals working in government and industry who wish to advance or update their knowledge in selected areas. Each certificate requires 15 credit hours of coursework comprised of mandatory and elective courses tailored to provide a well-defined target. The certificates may be pursued concurrently with any of the graduate degree programs in The Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering. This option is interesting for students who would like certification in another field.


Students who enrol in a certificate program will receive state-of-the art scientific and practical information in cutting edge areas. All courses are taught by our distinguished faculty with years of experience in their respective fields or research and practice. As graduate student at Mason you will have access to the vast resources of our library and the open lab facilities in the Volgenau School

Credit towards Masters Degree

It may be possible to transfer up to 12 credits of coursework from a certificate program into a future degree program if the course work during the certificate programs sparks interest in pursuing a Masters degree.

Admission Requirements

The certificate programs are open to all students who hold BS degrees in scientific and engineering disciplines from accredited universities. Students should normally have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better. However, the admission requirements may vary between certificate programs. Please have a look at the admission requirements of the program you are interested in.

For the following certificate programs the undergraduate degree does not have to be in Engineering or other technical discipline; students with undergraduate degrees in areas as diverse as biology, history, or psychology have successfully completed these programs. These programs are especially advantageous for career changers.


Admissions to our certificate programs are handled through the GMU Graduate Admissions Office.