ECE News Letter Fall 2018

The Fall 2018 edition of our news letter celebrates the achievements of the Mason Rocketry Club which captured the first place in the target altitude event at the Battle of the Rockets competition. This edition features two alumni. One is Esmael Dinan who graduated with a PhD in ECE from Mason in 2001 and has founded Ofinno Technologies with the aim of inventing the fastest wireless technologies. The other is Sandra Cauffman who graduated witn an MS in EE in 1995 and serves now as a deputy director of the Earch Science Division at NASA. Our faculty Gerry Tian reports on her research that aims to transform classical sensing methods into low-cost compressive sensing mechanisms which will have applications from health and weather monitoring to vehicular and brain networks. Other interesting articles describe the work of our faculty Qiliang Li in the transdisciplinary Quantum Materials Center, and our efforts in establishing a power engineering specialization through collaboration with industry. Please download your copy here.