Weiwen Jiang

Mason ECE assistant professor Weiwen Jiang
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Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Phone: TBD
Campus: Fairfax
Building: Nguyen Engineering Building
Room 3247
Mail Stop: 1G5
Email: wjiang8@gmu.edu

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Weiwen Jiang joined Mason in 2021. Prior to this, he was a post-doctoral research associate at the University of Notre Dame. He received his PhD from Chongqing University in 2019. From 2017 to 2019, he conducted research at the University of Pittsburgh and was co-advised by the professor there for his PhD thesis. He works on hardware and software co-design; in particular, the co-design of neural networks and different hardware accelerators, including mobile devices, FPGA, and ASIC. His recent work brings the co-design philosophy to quantum computing and demonstrates that quantum advantage can be achieved for the neural network for the first time.

Jiang’s research works have been published in prestigious journals and conferences, including Nature Electronics, Nature Communications, IEEE/ACM Transactions, DAC, ICCAD, and ESWEEK. He is the recipient of the Best Paper Award in ICCD’17 and Best Paper Nominations in DAC'19, CODES+ISSS'19, ASP-DAC'16, and ASP-DAC'20. In addition, he works closely not only with academic societies (such as Notre Dame, UPITT, Northeastern, Rice, and UConn) but also with industries (such as IBM, Xilinx, Facebook, and Edgecortix). 


  • PhD, Computer Science, Chongqing University
  • Joint PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Pittsburgh