BS/Accelerated MS (Bachelor's/Master's)

The B.S./Accelerated MS program is intended for those highly capable students who are interested in immediately continuing their undergraduate academic program in electrical or computer engineering into a graduate program in their respective discipline.


  1. Students in the electrical engineering program or computer engineering program can apply for the accelerated B.S./M.S. program in EE or CpE, respectively, during the semester in which they expect to complete 90 undergraduate credits applicable toward the B.S. degree.
  2. An overall GPA of at least 3.25 at the time of application is required.
  3. Criteria for admission to the B.S./Accelerated M.S. program in EE or CpE is identical to the criteria for admission to the M.S. EE or M.S. CpE programs.
  4. Application is made using an abbreviated graduate program application form specifying the "overlapping" courses and detailing the 3.25 undergraduate GPA which must be submitted for approval. All other graduate admissions requirements must be met.

See also: Accelerated Masters Application, Instructions, and Guidelines.

Degree Requirements

  1. Students must complete the required credit hours that satisfy all the requirements for both the B.S. degree and the M.S. degree, with six credit hours overlap.
  2. Students will take 6 credit hours of 500 level courses either as part of their technical electives or substituting for required courses as part of their 121 or 126 credit hour undergraduate program. The specific courses that may be taken and applied to the accelerated program will be specified by the ECE Department, for each of the two (EE and CpE) programs.
  3. Students in the B.S./Accelerated M.S. program may take additional graduate level courses as part of their B.S. technical electives with their advisor's approval. These additional graduate level courses will not count toward the M.S. degree.
  4. Students admitted to the accelerated program must maintain an overall GPA of at least 3.25 during their entire B.S./M.S. program, and must present a GPA of at least 3.25 for the 24 credit hours of graduate work submitted for the M.S. degree.

Degree Conferral

  1. Students in the B.S./Accelerated M.S. program may apply to have the B.S. (in EE or CpE) conferred during the semester in which they expect to complete the B.S. requirements.
  2. At the completion of the M.S. requirements the M.S. degree will be awarded.