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Student Research Opportunities

Make Your Own Discoveries

Students ranging from undergrad to PhD conduct research with each having the opportunity to add to the world's knowledge.

Electrical and computer engineering faculty excel at research with their findings published on global platforms. They work with partners in government, academia, and industry. Their academic expertise and real-world knowledge bridge the space between academic theory and professional engineering.

Our students, both undergraduate and graduate, are fully engaged in that research, with opportunities to work with scholars in the students' area of interest.

Undergraduates can partner with faculty mentors and get funding for their own projects through:

Master’s and PhD students conduct research under the guidance of faculty who are experts in their fields.

Our research labs have state-of-the-art equipment and computing platforms that support the development of novel ideas and technologies.

Many master’s and PhD students' research is funded through a Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) or a Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA).

If you're interested in pursuing research in a specific field, contact individual faculty members related to their areas of interest.

The team for the ECE senior design project “Signal Fingerprinting Intrusion Device” -- Chirag Sharma, Oscar Jaramillo, Borhan Fanayan, Ahmed Amkor, Ryan Davidson, Abudullah Alkhudair.

Electrical and computer engineering seniors developed a software that can identify malicious cyberattacks on a vehicle’s internal networks for their senior capstone project, “Signal Fingerprinting Intrusion Device.” From left: Chirag Sharma, Oscar Jaramillo, Borhan Fanayan, Ahmed Amkor, Ryan Davidson, and Abudullah Alkhudair.

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