Unlimited Career Choices

Our graduates find jobs in industry, research, academia, law, and government. Some create their own companies.

Earn your degree from Mason and:

  • Design, build, and analyze the next generation of high-speed wireless communication networks and phones.

  • Develop nano-scale devices to create flexible displays, high-capacity storage systems, and intelligent sensors.

  • Apply control theory and robotics foundations to build and test autonomous cars, drones, and humanoid robots.

  • Use signal-processing techniques for facial recognition, to refine satellite images for homeland security, and to explore the oceans.

  • Design and analyze complex computer chips to create and support high-performance computing systems.

  • Analyze large amounts of data, and build software and intelligent machines that have the ability to learn.

  • Develop smart, energy-efficient embedded computing systems for smartphones, robots, cars, appliances, computer networks, smart factories, and the internet of things.

  • Apply digital forensics techniques to collect, process, and analyze computers, phones, and other digital devices to recover lost or stolen data, as well as track perpetrators of digital crimes.

  • Build the next generation of cloud infrastructure and services and provide high-speed networking services to businesses, government, and consumers.