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09/03 Introduction to Functions of a Real Variable
09/05 Complex Numbers
09/10 Complex Functions and Derivatives
09/12 Analytic Functions and the Cauchy-Riemann Equations
09/17 Elementary Functions
09/24 More Elementary Functions
10/01 Cauchy's Integral Formula
10/08 Power Series
10/10 Laurant Series and Residue Integration
10/15 Fourier Series
10/17 Complex Fourier Series and the Frequency Domain
10/18 Complex Analysis Review and Problems
10/22 Midterm Exam
10/29 Fourier Series Porperties and the Spectrum of a Signal
10/31 Fourier Series Application: Solving the Diffusion Equation
11/05 Introduction to the Fourier Transform
11/07 Introduction to Probabiity
11/12 Conditional Probabiity
11/14 Bayes Theorem and Statistical Independence
11/19 Continuous Sample Spaces and More on Independence
11/21 Sampling and Occupancy Problems
11/26 Random Variables
11/28 Distribution and Density Functions
12/03 Expected Value
12/05 Conditional Densities
12/10 Problems, Examples, and Applications
12/12 Review
12/17 Final Exam




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