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Jan 19 Introduction - Complex Numbers
Jan 21 Basic Signals and Signal Operations
Jan 28 Continuous-Time Systems
Feb 02 LTI Systems, Impulse Response, Convolution
Feb 04 Understanding Convolution
Feb 09 Fun with Singuarlity Functions
Feb 11 Eigen Functions and LTI Systems
Feb 16 LTI Systems and LCCDEs
Feb 18 Solving LCCDEs
Feb 23 Fourier Series
Feb 25 More Fourier Series
Mar 01 Fourier Series Properties
Mar 15 Understanding the Frequency Domain
Mar 17 The Fourier Transform
Mar 22 Fourier Transform Properties
Mar 24 More Fourier Transforms and Filters
Mar 29 Even More Transforms and Properties
Apr 05 Frequency Selective Filters
Apr 07 Tme-Frequency Analysis
Apr 12 The Laplace Transform
Apr 14 Using the Laplace Transform
Apr 19 Properites, Poles, and Zeros
Apr 21 Bode Plots
Apr 26 Semester Review







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