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Houman Homayoun is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at George Mason University. He also holds a courtesy appointment with the Department of Computer Science as well as Information Science and Technology Department. Houman joined GMU as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in August 2012. He is the director of GMU’s Accelerated, Secure, and Energy-Efficient Computing Laboratory (ASEEC). Prior to joining GMU, he spent two years at the University of California, San Diego, as NSF Computing Innovation (CI) Fellow awarded by the CRA-CCC working with Professor Dean Tullsen. Houman graduated in 2010 from University of California, Irvine with a Ph.D. in Computer Science. He was a ...

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Two postdoc positions (May 31 application submission deadline) in Cybersecurity, and Machine Learning, as well as multiple PhD and Master (with thesis) positions are available for Spring 2019. Please email me a copy of your CV if you are interested.

    New Funding
      Sponsored Research: Total $7,225,000

    • 2017-2018, $CHEST Center Planning IUCRC: Center for Hardware and Embedded System Security and Trust (CHEST). Role: PI
    • 2018-2021, $1.4M grant from DARPA for Developing Machine Learning Algorithms for Detecting Malware. Role: PI
    • 2017-2020, $1.8M grant from DARPA/AFRL for Hybrid Non-Volatile Logics to Prevent Reverse Engineering. Role: PI
    • 2018-2021, $500K grant from NSF-CNS for Evolution of Computer Vision for Low Power Devices. Role: Co-PI
    • 2018-2019, $500K grant from DARPA/AFRL for 3D-Split of Obfuscation and Authentication of logic. Role: Co-PI
    • 2016-2017, $75K Grant from NIST on Persistence and Extraction of Digital Artifacts from Embedded Systems. Role: Co-PI
    • 2015-2018, $288K Grant from NSF-CNS to Study Heterogeneous Architecture Design for Emerging Wearable Biomedical Applications. Role: PI
    • 2015-2017, $330K Grant from DARPA to study Reconfigurable STT LUT Logic to Improve Power Efficiency. Role: PI
    • 2013-2018, $995K Grant from NSF-CPS to Design A Novel Biomechatronic Interface Based on Wearable Dynamic Imaging Sensors. Role: Co-PI
    • 2013-2016, $261K Grant from General Motors Corporation to study security vulnerability in automotive multimedia systems. Role: Co-PI
    • 2010-2012, $280 Grant from NSF CRA CI Fellow Program to Study Heterogeneous Architecture in 3D Design. Role: PI

Volgenau School of Engineering, George Mason University