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Sai Manoj Pudukotai DinakarRao

Dr. Sai Manoj Pudukotai Dinakarrao received the B. Tech degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapur, India, in 2010, and the M. Tech degree in Information Technology (specialization: Networking and Communication) from International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore, India, in 2012, and Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2015. He worked as post-doctoral researcher in TU Wien between 2015 and 2017.
  Dr. Pudukotai Dinakarrao research interests include deep learning in resource constrained environments, big-data processing, hardware security, machine learning for signal processing, accelerator design, algorithms, design of self-aware many-core microprocessors, and resource management in many-core microprocessors. He was a recipient of ‘Young Research Fellow Award’ in Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2013. His student won the Xilinx Open Hardware Contest 2017 (Student Category). 

PhD Students

  • Katayoun Neshatpour
    MS:Sharif University of Technology
    BS:Isfahan University of Technology
    Research:Machine Learning Acceleration

  • Maria Malik
    MS: George Washington University
    BS:Center of Advanced Studies (Pakistan)
    Research: Big Data Benchmarking

  • Arezou Koohi
    MS: University of California, Irvine
    BS: Sharif University of Technology
    Research: Big Biomedical Computing

  • Hossein Mohammadi Makrani
    MS: Sharif University of Technology
    BS:Khajeh Nasir Toosi
    Research: Memory for Big Data

  • Hossein Sayyadi
    MS: Sharif University of Technology
    BS:Khajeh Nasir Toosi
    Research: Mapping and Scheduling - Security

  • Ted Winograd
    MS: George Mason University
    BS: Virginia Tech
    Research: Hardware Security

  • Ashkan Vakil
    MS: University of Bridgeport
    BS: University of Mazandaran
    Research: Hardware Security

  • Farnaz Behniya
    MS: Sharif University of Technology
    BS: Sharif University of Technology
    Research: Neural Network Accelerator

  • Han (Jane) Wang
    BS: South Central University for Nationalities
    Research: Machine Learning for Big Data

  • Elyas Abolhasani Ghazaani
    MS: Sharif University of Technology
    BS: Shahid Beheshti University

  • Mohammad Kamyar Mohajerani
    MS: University of Tehran
    BS: Isfahan University of Technology

  • Mahsa Rezaei Firuzkuhi
    MS: North Carolina State University
    BS: University of Shiraz
    Research: Processor Architecture Security

  • Maryam Heidari
    MS: George Mason University
    BS: Azad University
    Research: Machine Learning for Market Prediction

  • Ali Mirzai
    MS: Iran University of Science and Technology
    BS: Isfahan University of Technology
    Research: Hardware Accelerator

Master Students with Thesis (Current)

  • Sara Bondi
    BS: George Mason University
    Research: Vision Accelerator

  • Tatiana Rodriguez
    BS: George Mason University
    Research: Hardware Security

  • Devang Motwani
    BS: Gujarat Technological University
    Research: Wearable Computing

  • Onkar Mahadev Randive
    BS: Pune University
    Research: Processor Architecture Security

  • Sammy Lin
    BS: Rochester Institute of Technology
    Research: FPGA Accelerator Modeling

  • Gaurav Kolhe
    BS: Rajiv Gandhi College Of Engineering
    Research: SAT Attack Modeling

  • Saurabh Satish Deshpande
    BS: Pune University
    Research: Machine Learning Acceleration

Undergraduate Scholars

  • Osaze Sheer

  • Nima Namazi

Undergraduate Students

Tatiana RodriguezDavid Andritsis
Michael ReyesChris Hall
Henry PhamWilliam Johnson
Mingyu KimShayan Mahmoudi
Jimmy MejiaDong Pham
Narek VanetsyanIsmael Khalique
Steven WuDai Dinh
Alexander TranDaniel Pham


Abhimanyu Chopra

Master of Science, Summer 2017

Thesis: Optimal Allocation of Computation in IoT Network

Gaurav Shenoy

Master of Science, Summer 2016

Thesis: Implementation And Evaluation Of Sat-Based Attacks On Hybrid STT-CMOS Circuits For Reverse Engineering

Current job: Firmware Engineer at SK Hynix Memory Solutions

Matthew Drummond

Master of Science, Summer 2015

Thesis: Power and Performance Characterization of Splash2 Benchmarks on Heterogeneous Architecture

Current job: Software Engineer at Boeing

Adarsh Reddy

Master of Science, Fall 2013

Thesis: Dynamic Functional Unit Reconfiguration using STT-RAM based Logic for Improving Performance and Mitigating Temperature Rise in Processor Architecture

Current job: Software Engineer at Narvar

Volgenau School of Engineering, George Mason University