Kathleen E. Wage

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Volgenau School of Engineering
George Mason University

Professional and University Service

Prof. Wage is active in several technical societies. She is an associate editor for IEEE's Journal of Oceanic Engineering. She is also the current chair of the IEEE Underwater Acoustic Signal Processing (UASP) Workshop . She is a past member of the Acoustical Oceanography Technical Committee and Underwater Acoustics Technical Committee of the Acoustical Society of America. In 2002, Prof. Wage was the conference coordinator and webmaster for the Second IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop.

Locally, Dr. Wage was the vice chair of the Northern Virginia Chapter of the IEEE Signal Processing Society in 2004-2005. She served as secretary of this organization from 2001-2004.

In the ECE Department, Dr. Wage chairs the Ph.D. Studies Committee.