ECE492 and ECE/RS493





Instructor:      Dr. Peter W. Pachowicz


                        Office Hours:  Wednesdays 1-2:30pm

                        Engineering Bldg., Rm. 3240


Urgent note to students planning to take ECE492 next semester:


You need to enroll in ECE447 as early as possible. Most senior design projects (including EE projects) require knowledge and practice of microcontrollers. MSP430 is covered by ECE447. If you need Microchip PIC24, you have to learn it on your own (contact me for advice).


Course Catalog Description:


                        ECE 492:

                        Conception of senior design project and determination of feasibility of proposed project. Work includes developing preliminary design and implementation plan. Students planning to use microcontroller technology in their projects should enroll in ECE447 before taking ECE493. Note: Registration is allowed only after completion of at least 90 credits applicable to the electrical engineering or computer engineering program.


                        ECE 493:

                        Implementation of project for which preliminary work was done in ECE492. Project includes designing and constructing hardware, writing required software, conducting experiments or studies, and testing complete system. Requires oral and written reports during project and at completion. Notes: Students planning to use microcontroller technology in their projects should enroll in ECE447 before taking ECE493. If meeting time conflicts with other courses, come directly to the ECE department for registration.


Research and Scholarship (RS) Intensive course designation:

ECE493 is designated as RS intensive course, which means that students are given the opportunity to actively participate in the process of scholarship and will make a significant contribution to the creation of a disciplinary-appropriate product.


Downloadable Course Documents:


ECE-492 Course Pamphlet

ECE/RS-493 Course Pamphlet

ECE-492 Schedule

ECE/RS-493 Schedule

ECE-492 Suggested Topics




Downloadable Course Slides:


ECE-492 Kick-off Meeting (Week #1)

ECE-493 Kick-off Meeting (Week #1)

Senior Design Project Lab

ECE-492 2nd Meeting (Week #2)

ECE-493 2nd Meeting (Week #6)

ECE-492 3rd Meeting (Week #3)

ECE-493 3rd Meeting (Week #12)

ECE-492 4th Meeting (Week #4)


ECE-492 5th Meeting (Week #6)


ECE-492 6th Meeting (Week #9)

Senior Design Project Lab


ECE-492 7th Meeting (Week #12)




ECE-492 Design Process Summary


ECE-492 Case Study #1




Fabrication Guidelines (for in-lab fabrication equipment):


PCB Design Guide

3-D Printing Guide

Laser Cutting Guide

KiCAD Hotkeys




Seminar I: Electronic Prototyping

Seminar II: PCB Design

Seminar III: SMT in Practice


Free Gantt Charting Software

Tips for Writing Documents

ECE Awarded Projects