Rao V. Mulpuri

Research Awards and Grants

Research Awards

Research Grants

  1. "Study of halogen lamp rapid thermal annealing on implanted InP and InGaAs," National Science Foundation (Research Initiation Award), Grant # ECS 8709141, $65,000, June 1987 November 1989. (sole PI)

  2. "Transition Metal Implantations in InGaAs," National Science Foundation, Grant # ECS 8806268, $188,000, August 1988 February 1992. (Sole author of the proposal and Project Director)

  3. "GaAs/AlGaAs superlattice long wavelength infrared photodetector," NASA, Grant # NAG 5 1348, $25,000, April October 1990. (sole PI)

  4. "Planar fully implanted InGaAs p i n photodetector," Office of Naval Research, Grant # N00014 91 J 1065, $135,000, November 1990 October 1993. (sole PI)

  5. "High energy ion implantations in InP and GaAs," National Science Foundation, Grant #ECS 9022438, $200,000, March 1990 February 1994. (Sole author of the proposal and Project Director)

  6. "Ion implantation in SiC and GexSi1-x," National Science Foundation, Grant # ECS-9319885, $210,000, September 1994-August 1997. (sole PI)

  7. "Investigation of high temperature electronic packaging based on borosilicate glass," Virginia Center for Innovative Technology and Strategic Analysis, Inc., Grant # FED-95-015, $61,000, December 1994 - November 1995. (sole PI)

  8. "Ion implantations into GaN", Office of Naval Research, Grant # N00014-95-I-1004, $100,000, April 1995 - August 1997. (sole PI)

  9. "Processing development for making high power microwave 4H-SiC devices", National Science Foundation, Grant #ECS-9711128, $210,00, September 1997-August 2000. (sole PI)

  10. "SiC Megawatt power devices for combat vehicles", DARPA-ETO (through General Electric), $130,000, Grant # MDA972-98-C-0001, February 1998-June 2001. (sole PI)

  11. "Characterization of bulk silicon carbide crystals for growth process optimization", Sterling Semiconductor and Virginia Center for Innovative Technology, $30,000, March 1998 - February 1999. (sole PI)

  12. "Selective area doping and Ohmic contact technology development for silicon carbide and III-Nitrides", Army Research Laboratories (through Univ. of Maryland), $75,000, September 1999 - December 2001. (sole PI)

  13. "Athermal annealing of ion-implanted compound semiconductors", National Science Foundation, Award # ECS-0079363, $225,000 + $10,000 (RET Supplement), September 2000 - August 2005. (sole PI)

  14. "Defects in ion-implanted silicon carbide", U. S. Army Research Office, Award # DAAD19-00-1-0490, $195,000, August 2000 - December 2003. (Sole author of the proposal and Project Director).

  15. "Traps in MBE-grown III-Nitride FET structures on SiC", National Science Foundation, Award # ECS-0330226, $327,735, September 2003-August 2008. (sole PI).

  16. "Characterization of GaN based devices", Naval Research Laboratory, $68,000, April 2003-August 2005. (sole PI)

  17. "Defects and related carrier traps in GaN/AlGaN and implanted SiC", Army Research Office, Award # W911NF-04-1-0428, $195,000, September 2004- August 2007. (sole PI)

  18. "Integrated polymer micro-fluidic system for forensic DNA sample preparation and analysis", National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), Award # 60NANB4D1132, $37,000, September 2004- May 2005. (sole GMU PI)

  19. "Optimization of microfluidic microwave heating system and the application of polymeric microwave microfluidic system for forensic DNA sample preparation, with specific focus on cell lysing",National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), Award # , $250,565, June 2005- May 2008. (sole GMU PI)

  20. "Interface Lattice Engineering of CdSeTe/Si Composite Wafers for Large-Format HgCdTe Infrared Focal Plane Arrays", Penn State Electro-Optics Center, $150,000, August 2005-July 2006 (Sole GMU PI)

  21. "A Novel Microwave Technique for Rapid Thermal Processing of Silicon Carbide Wide Bandgap Semiconductors", LT Technologies (NSF SBIR Award # OII-0539321), $25,000, February 2006 - June 2006. (Sole GMU PI)

  22. "Efficient p-type doping and the role of defects in limiting acceptor activation in III-nitrides", National Science Foundation, Award # ECCS-0618948, $80,000, September 2006 - August 2008. (sole PI)

  23. "Interface lattice engineering of Si composite wafers for large-format HgCdTe infrared focal plane arrays", Army Research Office, Award # W911NF-07-2-0055, $100,000, April 2007-August 2008. (Sole GMU PI)

  24. "A Novel Microwave Technique for Rapid Thermal Processing of Silicon Carbide Wide Bandgap Semiconductors", LT Technologies (NSF SBIR Award # OII-0646184), $55,000, October 2007 - June 2008. (Sole GMU PI)

  25. "Efficient p-type ion-implantation doping of III-nitrides for optimizing device performance", National Science Foundation, Award#ECCS-0725570, $160,000, September 2007-August 2009. (sole PI).

  26. "Low-defect density HgCdTe large format focal plane array technology development", Penn State Electro-optics Center, $100,000, August 2008 - August 2010. (sole PI).