Vasiliki N. Ikonomidou


Technical development for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

In the technical aspect of MRI, my research interests are in the development of quantitative and high-contrast qualitative imaging pulse sequences, especially aimed at the early detection of white matter degeneration and cortical pathology.

Detection of early white matter degeneration

Diffuse white matter abnormalities are a common finding in healthy adults, and are often attributed to vascular pathology. My interest in the area lies in the combination of strong T1 weighting with both conventional and non-conventional MRI techniques for automatic detection and quantification of affected areas, and in their relationship to cognitive function.

Image processing and fusion techniques

My current research interests in image processing include ways to incorporate information from multispectral MRI images in order to detect characteristics of tissue degeneration both in brain and bone. Additionally, we are working on the development of novel segmentation techniques incorporating biomechanical information for segmentation of dynamic structures.

Clinical applications

Ongoing studies involve healthy aging and concussion patients.