Our staff can answer your questions and help you find what you need, such as information on an academic program, a conference, seminar, or one of our labs.

Patricia Sahs​
Aca­d­e­mic Pro­gram Co­or­di­na­tor
Undergraduate programs, MS in Electrical and MS in Computer Engineering Pro­grams
Office: Engineering 3100
Phone: 703-993-1523

Jammie Chang
Aca­d­e­mic Pro­grams Man­ager
PhD in ECE Pro­gram
Office: Engineering 3104
Phone: 703-993-1570

Cynthia Ballentine
In­struc­tional Laboratories Man­ager
Office: Engineering 3915
Phone: 703-993-1608

Toshiko Uchiyama
Aca­d­e­mic Pro­grams Man­ager
MS Telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions and MS Digital Foren­sics Programs
Office: Engineering 3801
Phone: 703-993-3810