The area of electronics includes a broad range of research topics from the electrical properties of materials with emphasis on semiconductors to classical semiconductor devices, nonelectronic devices, sensors, digital and analog circuits, and integrated circuits, as well as the necessary fabrication and manufacturing technologies. These devices and technologies provide the building blocks for all kinds of modern applications, such as computers, communications, mobile/wearable electronics, and smart devices for the emerging Internet-of-Things era.

Our areas of expertise include:

Novel Memory Technology

Our research aims to develop novel nonvolatile memory for next-generation wearable and mobile electronics. We develop new device structures incorporating nanowires, redox-active molecules, and two-dimensional materials to achieve high-performance and low-cost memory. The goal is to replace current on-chip memory and enable new wearable electronics with very low power consumption. Principal investigators: Dimitris IoannouQiliang Li, and Ethan Ahn.

Semiconductor Devices and Nanoelectronics

We are developing semiconductor devices and materials for microelectronic circuits, radio frequency (RF) devices, electrostatic discharge (ESD) prevention devices, volatile and nonvolatile memory cells, and nano-CMOS technologies. Principal investigators: Dimitris Ioannou, Qiliang Li, Rao Mulpuri, Alok Berry, and Ethan Ahn.

Sensors and Sensor Systems

The focus of our research is to develop new optical and chemical sensors based on novel materials, including conventional semiconductor materials, metal oxide semiconductors, nanowires, graphene, and other two-dimensional materials. We integrate sensors and sensor arrays into small stand-alone systems for intelligent sensing applications. Our research also seeks to exploit analytical algorithms to enable precise identification of similar chemicals and the detection of complicated hybrid gases. Principal investigators: Qiliang Li, Rao Mulpuri, Dimitris Ioannou, and Ethan Ahn.

Smart Wearable Electronics

Our research aims to develop wearable electronics to monitor the health conditions and motions of humans. The research involves the study and application of various sensors, small circuits, and artificial intelligence algorithms. The goal is to develop machine learning and data analytical methods to enable intelligent control and adaptive strategies for applications. Principal investigators: Qiliang Li and Ethan Ahn.

Energy Harvesting and  Storage

We use electronics to develop novel energy harvesting and storage solutions. The research topics include piezoelectricity, thermoelectricity, photovoltaic cell, and supercapacitor. The goal is to explore properties of emerging electronic materials and devices in the context of how we can better address the critical societal challenges related to energy. Principal investigators: Qiliang Li and Ethan Ahn.